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Recently I designed a book on Shutterfly with several images per page, an 8 x 8 inch hard bound coffee table style book.  I have sold approx. 50 copies to date.  Next I hope to come up with a variety of different books on specific areas or on subjects like the Lenticular clouds.

Starlisa Black Photography 2011
8 x 8 hard back coffee table style book
cost $35
contact me at

a collection of my photos from primarily in the Columbia Gorge and Mount Adams area, in a small coffee table book format 8 x 8 inches and 20 pages with a hard back cover complete with lovely photos. If you are interested in purchasing one, they are retailing for $35 plus tax in Washington sales and $5.00 for US shipping. Contact me at , on facebook, or here on my blog for more information or to place an order


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