Warm Up Time

Snows of November 2010

Up on a hill near Trout Lake, this morning I woke to the sound of snow melting and dripping off the roof. first time in awhile that it started a day that warm around here! I could see a warm color south near Mount Hood and to the west over the hills, but Mount Adams nearby was socked in and gray clear below treeline. It is also possible that someone farther away could see her poking out of the clouds, but I was too close and under the heavy cover.
I have been enjoying this brief stay back up in Trout Lake, it often seems more like home to me up here than down in White Salmon, perhaps because summers as a kid we spent most of the time up here in the woods and down on the Lewis River… fishing, picking Huckleberries, hunting, and just camping and relaxing. This brings many thoughts to mind, a realization of how much I am like my parents this way…. when I feel unstable in any way in life, I head for the hills to find healing. Nowadays my camera is my hunting tool, and helps me record those magical moments of light and life; to help bring healing to others as well.

Ok, I am meandering in thought, so I will just leave you with a few photos  to smile about


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  1. and now this afternoon it is pouring down RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


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