Swans of Schreiners Farms

Swans of Schreiner's Farm

I wandered through Schreiners Farm in Dallesport today and admired the many animals living there. This is a collection of two Swans I saw, and later research showed them to be Trumpeter Swans… later I will do posts of Zebra and Camel also.  I will post some informational links in comments because I still have not figured out how to make proper links on here!


3 thoughts on “Swans of Schreiners Farms

  1. here is an informational page showing the difference between our primary local Swan, the Tundra Swan, VS. the Trumpeter Swan, very rare

    also, here is a link to information on Swans in Washington State


  2. Erin (aka Not da Baby) says:

    Oh they are cute! 🙂


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