Highlights of Today

Rock Iris

Today was sunny bright and warmer than previous days… and Lenticular clouds danced upon the Mountain.

Sunday Hat on Mount Hood

I came up with a new acronym today when life was weighing me down with sadness even on a sunny day…
Mutual Encouragement Association of the World
MEAW Meow 🙂

Rock Iris in Spring

so, on that note I would like to encourage all who read this post that even on cloudy sad days there are people who care, people who will encourage you, and people with troubles far worse than your own!

I can also report that all the new books I had purchased have been sold, and I am about to order more. If you want to know more about that take a look at my link for two books for details, and for purchase info look on my facebook page for Starlisa Black Photography


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  1. That first iris photo is totally sumptious!


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