Lenticular Cloud Formations

Moonlit Lenticular Clouds 1

I updated my Lenticular gallery page with some moonlit shots from the same night as the Aurora shot. Come on over and see!

Lenticular Cloud Formations.

and then if you really enjoy my work, please consider putting a drop in my help bucket towards a new computer and processing program… my other one died, my income is way sub standard, and I am using a loaner thanks to my adopted brother. Thank you kindly for looking, and in advance for any support you can give for the beauty you see here. There is a donate button in the sidebar for paypal, or you can contact me at starlisa.black@gmail.com or at

Darlisa Black
P.O. Box 190
Husum, WA USA 98623

I also have a small shipment of new books coming in this week, they can be seen on my facebook page (links over in the sidebar)


3 thoughts on “Lenticular Cloud Formations

  1. Just got a text from Darlisa. Her computer is is down for the count and is asking for a little help. Visit her blog http://www.starlisablackphotography.com where she has a donate button. Thanking you in advance on her behalf.


  2. Alex Khoo says:

    This is so nice!!


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