Spring is coming!

Marsh Marigold at Bird Lake

and tonight I feel more positive having a functional laptop again thanks to my nephew. This loaner is not only working great again, but now it is officially mine! Thank you to all who helped along the way to this point.
Eventually I do want to get a newer computer with warrenty and all that, and I also have really struggled to provide for myself while also sharing photos with the world on Flickr, Facebook and Google+ and our local TV weather. If you enjoy the photos I work hard to share and would like to help with even a few dollars, I have a donate button in the sidebar for paypal, or you could mail a donation to Darlisa Black, P.O. Box 190, Husum, WA 98623. I promise any money sent will be used to help me continue shooting this Pacific Northwest paradise… some of it will go for gas money to get out there shooting in different areas, some for SD cards as mine wear out, and other such expenses that enable me to bring you the photos.
Thank you!