Update on the Cascade Creek Fire on Mount Adams

The fire took off again the last few days, and is now up to well over 11,500 acres with a new run to the Northwest along Stagman Ridge in a narrow finger of fire reaching around the west side of the Mountain. More information can be seen here on the  InciwebLink

UPDATE 9-23-2012: Now up to 13,727 acres, holding strong on the South and East boundaries and expanding to the Northwest along Stagman ridge, across Looking Glass Lake and another pretty lake with an island… and crawling down the slopes of the western foothills in the direction of Forest road 23. Containment still at 50%. Many of the crews are ending their 14 day rotations and heading out this weekend, with new crews coming in to take over Monday.

I have been busy making fire calendars and cards and selling them at the Fire camp, and having wonderful interesting conversations with some of these amazing men and women of all ages who work incredibly hard long hours out on the lines, and driving watertrucks and supply drops, and managing resources. I have a great deal of respect for them!

The calendar is a 2013 spriral bound calendar with many images from this collection or the previous post, and the calendar costs $25.00. I can ship them for an extra $6.00 and can take payments via check or paypal or moneyorder. My email is starlisa.black@gmail.com
Prints are also available, as well as metal prints and there is a pricelist in a link in the sidebar.

Here are more photos of the fire and the views through smoke


2 thoughts on “Update on the Cascade Creek Fire on Mount Adams

  1. That’s a really good marketing idea, to sell fire calendars and cards to those people working on the fire – it gives them something to show other people and by which to remember their experience. My nephew and niece-in law live in the Wenatchee Valley, which is suffering through fire with some huge smoke issues right now.


    • Smoke has been a huge problem here too, with folks like my brother and his daughter suffering also. I feel bad for all the people in these areas who have any lung problems.

      a later evening update on the fire tonight changes the acre estimate to 13, 086 acres and 50 % containment

      Rebecca I wish your relatives the best!


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