For the first morning in a couple weeks gorgeous light filled my bedroom early this morning and this lovely rainbow was outside my window. I am glad I got a few shots with the iPhone because by the time I got downstairs it was fading. Unfortunately then I stepped outside my foot hit some wet leaves and I slipped torquing my knee really bad. I have it wrapped with ice and am trying to baby it while I run errands. The day continues to amaze me one minute the rain is pouring the next minute another rainbow! It does my heart some good.


Fighting the Darkness with Light and Color

I don’t know about you, but sometimes this time of year I feel heavy, slow… and sad as I think too much of those who have gone on.  This story explains a wee bit of how I came into Photography in a more serious way as a healing therapy.

My husband and father both passed away in 1996.  Some months after Mom’s passing in November 2003, I fell into depression and anxiety attacks.  I was on my way to work one early morning in Spring, barely aware of my surroundings.  When suddenly I heard her voice clear as day  from the seat next to me in the truck where she used to ride on our singing drives through the mountains. “Oh LOOK at the pretty sunrise” she said clearly… my head jerked up, and the sky was full of color and one of the prettiest sunrises I had ever seen!  I burst into tears, said thank you… and after that found myself really noticing the beauty in everything around me.  It was a couple more years before I got a little camera, while I was working at Cherry Street Manor as a caregiver in the adult foster care home.  I found my way out to Bird Creek Meadows on Mount Adams, for the first time since i was in my early 20’s, and took many photos that i brought back to share with the elders I was taking care of. Many of them had memories of places like that and I found it brightened their day also.  That led into taking more and more photos, and discovering Flickr in 2007 where I could post photos and learn from others around the world.

This remembering is a good reminder now for me, as it explains and reminds me where my gift of Photography came from, and how it is my heartfelt wish to share the photos with others  to help them see the beauty in the world around them.  And here I come back to the early thought that when you focus on the positive in this world, it will surround you.  I have been blessed to be surrounded by people in life who were indeed positive, creative, and loving!


The above image is a sampler image showing all the months of my 2013 calendar and you can find out more about how to order it over here   nearly half of them are spoken for already and they are not even here yet!  I will get more ordered.

2013 Calender coming next week!

This is the front cover of my new calender!

I have been lax about posting on this blog lately, because I have been working on my starlisa.net website.  You can find a new page on that site with photos showing my new 2013 photography calendar and more information about how to get them.  Please feel free to share the link with your friends and help me do advertising that way!

2013 Starlisa Black Photography Calendar information can be found here 


Thank you for looking and sharing!


Fall and Photo shows

Life is Good, Especially when you have moments like this one! I did not know what I was after or where I was going as I drove away from home… so I followed the light and it led me across the Hood River Bridge where I had a lovely afternoon among orchards and pastures.

Darlisa Black

Please ask before using any of my photos, but you may certainly share by sending the link to my pages to your friends! I share them on here but I also partly make my living from this ability to do photography. Also I enjoy knowing where they get used, it makes me happy.

You can find out more about me and the products I have available on my profile on Flickr, and on this website in the various Page links in the side bar to the left.

and for a musical treat
My Daughter known as Leannan Sidhe who is a singer songwriter in the style somewhat of Enya.

Please keep my daughter’s music and my photography products in mind this year for Christmas Present ideas!
She has lovely albums, clever hats and clothing, and a short story in an anthology, and i have PHOTOGRAPHY! bet you did not guess! Almost done with my 2013 calendar, as the 2012 one was a big hit last year. I have several photo books now, you can see pages on my website showing photos from the books.


I currrently have a show up still at  The Inn of The White Salmon  which is a wonderful place to stay in White Salmon, Washington with easy access to both Mount Hood and Mount Adams as well as the Columbia River Gorge.  My show will be coming down soon and…on the  Last Friday gallery walk  in November I will be putting up a show at Solstice Wood Fired Cafe in Bingen, WA  and there WILL be a gallery opening event that evening, so come say hello!


I am getting signed up for 2 events at this time…

November 24, 2012 at            The Gorge Room at the Best Western Plus Hood River Inn , from 10am to 4pm

December 1, 2012                Trout Lake Christmas Baazar   (I think it opens at 9am)

ANYTIME:  contact me via email at starlisa.black@gmail.com  or phone or facebook message or talk to me if you see me around town… I have 3 different books currently on hand,   “Trout Lake and Beyond”  “Moods of Mount Adams” and “Pacific Northwest” all of which are shown in detail on pages listed in the sidebar to the left.  I will soon have a 2013 calendar also which sold out quickly last year and I have already presold at least 12 already!   The CALENDAR will be $20 this year, and I am taking pre orders now.

I can take Paypal, checks, debit or credit, and cash

I also have lots of photo cards of this area and of the Cascade Creek Fire, as well as 8 x 10 images and many larger prints of really popular images.

This year the Metal Prints have taken off in popularity.. they are amazing and will last forever.  I recently did a portrait 20 x 30 on metal and it was lovely!