My daughter Leannan Sidhe and her Music Project

Leannan_Sidhe_9009-2.jpg-woClick  on the photo to visit Leannan Sidhe’s Indiegogo project and see her fun video from Halloween concert.

Leannan Sidhe is a Singer Songwriter working on recording her second album of Original Music.  Her melodic tunes take on mystical and fairie like qualities, at times reminiscent of singers like Enya and other Celtic musicians.  She is also my daughter, and I am so proud of her!  She writes her own unique songs, based on stories of life.

Her first album sold well, and with help from an earlier Kickstarter Project she has made it mostly through recording on this second album, but does not have enough to finish Mastering and Duplicating the album.  By jumping in and pledging now, you will be prepaying for a copy of the music when it is finished, or depending on the level of pledge there are other prizes as well.

Please take the time to go listen to her title song on the link above, and come tell me what you think!