Joy in Living

I found myself thinking about the idea of Joy and what it means to me, and it has little to do with acquisitions in the world, how much money I have, or what kind of work I do. It is those moments in time when all feels right in the universe, and I can feel the Divine Love reflected in the beauty of that moment. It might be in the smile of a child, a spunky spirit in a 90 year old, the brilliant temporary flash of a Rainbow, the spring leaves unfurling, or a tendril of hair tossed by a capricious breeze that wants to play. Life is full of such moments if you are aware… in fact today I stood and visited for half an hour with a woman who is 90, and we laughed and cried together remembering long ago days…I felt recharged!

My Daughter provides many of those moments of Joy for me, as it should be! Leannan Sidhe is a musician, an artist, seamstress, dancer and writer among other things, and of course I love her with all my heart! She is currently trying to finish up her second album of her own original music,


Leannan Sidhe can also be listened to on my playlist on YouTube

She also has a BandCamp page with her first album available for purchase here


This next image called Land of the Light was a magic moment that I am convinced was a gift from my Mother, Nina Black.  She loved these lenticular clouds we get over the Cascades, and I carry on her tradition.  I felt a push that day to drive up a road I don’t often go, and as a result got this image that was a contest finalist in the Chasing the Light contest and displayed in Hood River, Oregon at the Columbia Art Gallery in August 2012 along with the other 39 finalists.  So THANKS MOM!

Wild Sky over Mount Adams-3


As many of you know, I LOVE clouds, and wild skies… especially lenticular clouds. This next one was happening one day as I got off work in White Salmon… the cloud is up near to Mount Adams and this is only half of it peeking over the Ridge. All my tiredness washed away and I chased it all the way to Trout Lake.

Giant Lenticular


This next image has a wild feeling of Joy for me… hope you enjoy it too Joy in the midst of adversity, against all odds


So, just a few images to bring you a smile I hope! Browse the links in the side bar for information about my books and calendar, and I have prints available on order. I am now able to take credit and debit cards via paypal by sending money from your paypal to or by contacting me at the above email. i am able to take payment over the phone also.

and now the sun is returning outside so I am tying this up until later! Enjoy!

Prayer at the Lake


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My mother taught me to love the world around me… and if I can help others to see with new eyes by showing that beauty through photography. I have accomplished my hearts goal . Husum, WA is my childhood home and I consider home to be anywhere from Mount Adams to the Columbia River. I give thanks to my parents for their love for Nature and God. My work can be found online in full on Flickr, and while I am not set up to sell on that site, if you find a print of any size or style you wish to inquire about simply email me and I can send you a price list of prints by themselves or framed or mounted on foam core, gallery wraps, and standouts. I also license my photos for use in magazines, travel brochures and for web site use, and have been published several times. During the summer I am often at Saturday Market in Trout Lake or Hood River with my Note Cards and Prints You can also find me on Google as Darlisa Black, and on Facebook as Starlisa Black Photography Thank you for Viewing…

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