With a grateful heart I salute you

Good morning To all my friends


I have been pretty quiet lately haven’t I? It has been a sad and sweet week and I thought I would just share a little of it with you.

As you might realize I struggle along in life financially and in other ways and yet I still find beauty to share with others. My little 96 Nissan pick up is getting worn out and it is only because of the generosity of others that I have a good camera. People who believe in me have gifted me the cameras I use and the laptop on which I process my photos and order big pictures for selling and sharing. I believe in the goodness of people. That is what my mother taught me and it has true in my life.

This week has been full of evidence of that goodness. I got word that my last living Auntie is very near death in Utah. Family is very important to me and I really wanted to be there with her and her family. When my own parents each died family from Utah came here for their funerals and to support us. That is what family does. My older brothers and sisters are all unable to travel down there due to infirmity or distance. I am really really want to be a representation for our family and could not imagine how I could pull together the money to get down there.

To top it all off in the middle of this my little old laptop, which was a gift, crashed and burned. My ability to keep working on more pictures and orders was gone.

I told my story on Facebook and to people I saw in town and also Advertised a 40% off sale on all my images hanging at the White Salmon Community Library this month. All the money I had went into creating this show and before it a smaller show at our hospital.

By the way the hospital was the most wonderful place to have my pictures. My stated goal of bringing light and the healing of nature into people’s hearts to help them when times are hard was very successful. I got to witness people on their way in for appointments or visiting people who were sick or working there as doctors and nurses and custodians, as they stopped in their tracks, took a deep breath and relaxed while looking at the Images of nature.

Back to the story, I have been in Awe at the outpouring of encouragement and generosity of people both far and near. There have been people drive up from Portland to buy a book or picture, people in town have come to buy pictures for their office or home, and others far away have simply donated money. I now have enough to make the trip to Utah to see family. That alone means the world to me. I had planned on making a trip to see my daughter in Seattle and go to her concert, and she told me that one of us needed to go to Utah and I should take that money I was going to use to see her and go show our support for family. The last time I was on a plane must’ve been 20 or 30 years ago But I know my truck won’t be good for the trip so I’m getting brave.

Another miracle… People have been stepping up to offer their used computers to me, or their services in building a new computer when I get the money for parts.

Meanwhile my 40% off sale at the White Salmon Library will continue through the end of the week. If any of you are in the area and take a trip up the Gorge you should stop by!

I would like very much like to give a huge thank you To the community of White Salmon and beyond to people around the world for their support and help in times of need

If you would like to order something or help donate towards a computer there is a help bucket donation button in the sidebar of this page

Thank you all

Darlisa Black

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