Rockaway Beach Kite Festival 2013

I was at the coast last week and caught the Kite Festival at Rockaway Beach in Oregon.  The day started out cloudy but some blue sky started peeking out from the clouds, and it was a lovely day for kites.

Here are a few of the many shots I took.  I may well add more as time goes on!


RockawayKiteFestival_6665-1 RockawayKiteFestival_6684-3 RockawayKiteFestival_6711-4 RockawayKiteFestival_6741-5 RockawayKiteFestival_6753-2



The Earth Cries

My heart and prayers go out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma as they struggle to overcome and find their lives after the tornado tore through their town and life on May 20, 2013.  The stories that are pouring out on the news are unbelievably heartbreaking.

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You can find links on the side bar for more information about my work and products along with the music of Leannan Sidhe.  Thank you for viewing, and  for adding your prayers for those who struggle.

Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away!

I had the opportunity to drive over Satus Pass and see some herds of Wild Horses, with nearly as many colts as adults. They are so beautiful to watch, and the herds were made up of all colors. What a great treat! My one zoom lens, an EF 55-250 IS just was not up to the challenge and the detail is not great on the shots… I had to crop them hard to show the horses big enough, but they are still worth seeing!















This next two shots  brought back happy memories of childhood… my favorite book was The Black Stallion!  This might be a mare, I could not tell for sure at that distance.. but it really made me smile!









And a zoom in on a colt with a mop top bristle of a mane, they were so adorable!




On the same day I also saw a Black Bear sniffing along after a Cinnamon Bear… I can guess what he wanted! She was PURTY! lol



Then he noticed us watching from the road


But his chosen Lady was calling his name and leaving scent for him


So on down the hill he went after her



After one more glance to be sure we were not coming any closer they both disappeared down into the draw


We waited around for a few moments, and sure enough they came back up closer to us, but the Bitterbrush and Sage was so tall along the slope all we could see was the tops of their backs moving, until the big Black came to a Ponderosa Tree and stood up in the shelter of its branches to better see what we were up to.  When he threw himself back down I think the ground shook… his fur rippled heavily.  Needless to say we were staying right in by the truck ready to jump back in if necessary.


It was also a lovely wildflower day, but I will save that for another post!  Thanks for looking, and PLEASE DO FEEL FREE TO SHARE MY POST AND MY PAGE ON YOUR FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE PLUS, DROP ME A COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW SO I CAN COME VISIT. I LOVE COMPANY!

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Finally! A SmugMug Storefront for Prints!


After much learning I finally am opening
my SmugMug store.

Magical Kingdom of Aurora

Magical Kingdom of Aurora

I am still not happy with their pricing system, so I am going to set up a discount code to use on the Thin Wraps, Canvas Wraps, and Metal Prints. Meanwhile you can still go directly through me on those items via email at The discount code will be about 35% off the listed prices.


Feel free to give me suggestions or feedback if you see something not working well, or you can help me make it better.

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Help one of our elders fulfill his dream!

Final hours to help this amazing elder of our country who has a dream of returning before he dies to the beached of Normandy where so long ago he and many others helped win a major war. This man is an Oregon legend, fishing like no one else and bringing his big grin to the hearts of many.
With all the friends and contacts I have if each of us even put in $1 or $5 or even $25 to help, we could make a real difference in his life with the help of Uncage the Soul Productions and Ben Canales
who has brought us the timelapse videos “Finding Oregon” and “Finding Portland”
this new project of these folks is a heartwarming one that can change the lives of others.