Bird Creek Meadows Opening

Bear Grass has such intriguing blossoms, and they are thick this year! These images were all taken July 3, 2013

This is taken up by the locked gate to Bird Creek Meadows by Mount Adams… and that gate will open for the season Monday Morning early! The area is managed by the Yakama Tribe, and is part of what they call Tract D. A $5 entry fee is good for vehicle and passengers, for 5 days. Several trails climb up into the Alpine Meadows and while there may still be snow in patches it is leaving fast. Ask the rangers for a trail map.
If you choose to camp in the park, it is $10 a night still (in addition to the entry fee) and that includes 12 pieces of firewood. There is also a fishing fee, seems like maybe $5 for 3 days but not positive there. Rangers live onsite in trailers, and have been known to rescue people who get lost and such.
The road in is rough, and has been known to eat small car oil pans, however I have seen many low clearance cars do just fine if they pay attention and drive slowly. Mosquitoes can be fierce so be prepared with repellent. Also remember to drink plenty of water and use a hat or sunscreen.
There are 3 lakes with campsites around them, Mirror Lake, Bird Lake, Bench Lake. Also a lovely lake up the trails called Bluff Lake. However there is no camping anywhere except designated lake campsites and Sunrise Camp up on Mount Adams. That requires its own registration.
The lakes are stocked occasionally with huge high altitude trout.


Bird Creek Falls by the entrance gate

A Heart for you

If you ever see cows on the trails notify the Rangers please! They will notify the ranchers who will bring horses up and cow dogs to chase them out.




Also my show at Skyline Hospital in White Salmon is now on display in the main corridor,

IMG_0609 IMG_0610

as well as more images down the hall into the old part of the hospital in the Visiting Doctors waiting room. Still more of my photographs hang in the North Shore Clinic  across the parking lot from the hospital.
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