Thunderstorms of a wild sort


August 9, 2013 the Cascades were rocked by a huge thunderstorm of the style you might see in the Midwest I think.
One of the first strikes hit the hill above Bingen, Washington not far from us. Sirens were going off everywhere and power went out. Rainbow and orange clouds and lightning and me dancing out there in the rain soaking wet!!! Up on the hill like a madwoman shooting the lightning. We had sheet Lightning, vertical strikes and many cloud to cloud sideways strikes.
The sky turned Brilliant orange, red and purple at sunset, and at least one person reports seeing a twister come out of the red sky towards Sleeping Beauty just SW of Mount Adams.


More will be coming later!
Also the Ranger at Bird Creek Meadows, Richard Canapo, says lightning hit a tree on Little Mount Adams but a hard rain appears to have put the fire out. So far so good.

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One thought on “Thunderstorms of a wild sort

  1. We had a good light show around here in Tacoma, as well. I had not seen anything like this in some years. A rare event for us! Most of this type of drama stays near the mountains. It was good to get the sorely needed rain, though.


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