Ideas for Triptychs in Metal

a friend and I were coming up with some ideas for a large wall display for her newly remodeled home, and I found this idea exciting so I am sharing some of the grouping ideas with you to show the many possibilities available with Metal, Canvas and Thin Wrap style images.  They also turn out to be cheaper for wall space covered than one large image!

AfterMidnightPano triptych - Copy ArchesPark8522 triptych - Copy BIgE-2 tripTriptych - Copy BigSpring TimelessTriptych   1@20x24_4@11.5sq - Copy BigSpringsFalls-triptech - Copy BirdCreekMeadows triptych - Copy firecracerSunset triptych - Copy goldenFalls triptych - Copy GorgeRainbow triptych - Copy HoodRiversunset triptych - Copy LangfieldFalls triptych - Copy lennieCarnival triptych - Copy LennieSunset triptych - Copy MtAdamsLennie triptych - Copy MtHoodStormySunset triptych - Copy NaturallyFramed PortraitTriptych - Copy NaturallyFramed triptych - Copy OldForest FlagstoneTriptych - Copy OldGrowth ClassicTriptych - Copy OldTree PortraitTriptych - Copy SpiritFalls TimelessTriptych - Copy Sunset triptych - Copy Takhlakh_waterfalls ClassicTriptych - Copy TakhlakhLakeBoat TimelessTriptych - Copy TroutCreekAutumn Timeless-triptych - Copy TroutCreekAutumn Timeless-triptych2 - Copy TroutCreekAutumn triptych - Copy TroutCreekSummer Timeless-triptych - Copy TroutCreeksummer triptych - Copy UpperBigSpring TimelessTriptych - Copy UpperBigSpring TimelessTriptych2 - Copy Waterfalls ClassicTriptych - Copy Waterfalls ClassicTriptych2 - Copy Waterfalls FlagstoneTriptych - Copy Waterfalls FlagstoneTriptych2 - Copy Waterfalls FlagstoneTriptych3 - Copy Waterfalls FlagstoneTriptych4 - Copy waterfalls StairclimberTriptych - Copy waterfalls StairclimberTriptych2 - Copy waterfalls StairclimberTriptych2