Pig Bowl 2013

PIG BOWL 2013….September 28th….7pm Wahtonka Football Field….. The Dalles

The pig bowl is an annual Benefit football game between Washington and Oregon law enforcement agencies. This year two families will be helped. In Washington a family in Goldendale whose husband died and the wife and young mothering 2 had back surgery that failed. She is now the sole breadwinner for the family. In Oregon a young man named Donovan has stage four Hodgkin’s disease. He will be going to Seattle for a four month treatment involving bone marrow transplant. You can attend the game in The Dalles for $3 dollars an individual or $10 family. All food being sold at the game was donated and sales will benefit the families.
This is a flag football game, with a twist. Points for both teams may be purchased at the game, or online at www.pigbowl.net Right now Oregon is ahead so come on Washington, $5 gets a point plus an oink sound over the PA system at the game, $25 gets a field goal, and $50 gets a touchdown seven points.
At the game itself there will be a bounce house for the children, displays and information by search and rescue, and other such fun.
GO TEAM!!! In this game both sides win


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