Metal image Clusters, Splits, and Triptychs

Timeless Cluster_ Flowers

Timeless Cluster_ Flowers

Metal image Clusters, Splits, and Triptychs.

I revised the page about the Metal cluster wall displays. Please come check it out again and give me some feedback! Are there any particular images (they are all numbered) that jump out at you, and why? I plan to create one on metal when I save enough money, to use in Gallery shows so we can all see what they really look like on a wall. Metal prints are spectacular anyway, bringing out the light in the image, and they are known for lasting for generations.  Washable with windex and scratch resistant.

Currently I am hanging a show once more in North Shore Cafe in White Salmon, and also featuring a 30% off sale on metal prints during October.  Now is a good time to pick something up on metal!

email me at for more information.


2 thoughts on “Metal image Clusters, Splits, and Triptychs

  1. Darlisa,

    Your photos are all fabulous, but the ones I think would really be show-stoppers would be the ones with water. From my experience of looking at metal prints, the ones with water really pop, especially a lake surface. So, I am nominating numbers 7 and 15 as possible candidates for your art shows. The lake surface in #7 would have a mirror finish on metal and would look really awesome. As well, the red lake surface in #15 would come alive with a sense of burning fire. Best of luck with your decision. I know how hard it is to choose from so many lovely prints.



    • Peggy I really appreciate the specific feedback! Very helpful… and those numbers have been mentioned on facebook a couple times so there is some validity there for sure. The vine maple leaf *17 has been mentioned a few times also which is cool simply because I have never yet sold that image and i love it personally

      But you know how it is for us photogs, sometimes the shots are our babies 😉


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