Vote for the next Gallery Show display!

So Far these images are the ones receiving a vote for faves to put on metal for a gallery show… vote on 1-3 of these, or be a rebel and see the full page here to see a larger selection!   THank you everyone who has participated in helping me pick out one to print…

More info at the bottom if you missed the first post

#3  Timeless Split  Mt. Hood Coral Lenny
CoralSunset TimelessTriptych

#4  Timeless Split Winter Gorge
WinterGorge TimelessTriptych

#6 Timeless Split, upper Big Spring Creek Falls

UpperBigSpring TimelessTriptych - Copy

#7 Timeless Split Takhlakh Lake

TakhlakhLakeBoat TimelessTriptych - Copy

#8 Timeless Split Trout Lake Creek Fall

TroutCreekAutumn Timeless-triptych2 - Copy

#9 Timeless Split  Trout Lake Creek Summer

TroutCreekSummer Timeless-triptych - Copy

#13 Timeless Cluster assorted waterfallsTimeless-cluster-waterfalls

 #15  Formal Four Split Firecracker GorgefirecrackerSunset FormalFourTriptych

#17  Formal Four Split Autumn Vine Maple leafAutumnMaple FormalFourTriptych

#27  Parquet Split Aurora Mt.AdamsAuroraParquetTriptych

#37 Portrait Split triptych “Naturally Framed”

NaturallyFramed PortraitTriptych - Copy

#43 Portrait Split triptych Mt. Adams sunset lenticular MtAdamsLennie triptych - Copy

#44 Portrait Cluster Triptych hot pink and purple

Mirror Lake sunset, Delicate Balance, and Sleeping Beauty sunset


These next images are some of my own faves I will be considering as well as those above.

#48  Portrait Split Summer on Trout Lake Creek TroutCreeksummer triptych - Copy

#49   Portrait Split Triptych Big Spring Creek Falls

BigSpringsFalls-triptech - Copy

#42 Portrait Split triptych Firecracker sunset firecracerSunset triptych - Copy

#35 Classic Cluster triptych  waterfalls   Waterfalls ClassicTriptych

#45 Portrait Cluster  Takhlakh Lake, Spirit Falls, Land of the LightPortraitTriptych-waterfall_mountains


#74 FourSquare cluster Flowers and Insects

#74 FourSquare cluster  Flowers and Insects
#74 FourSquare cluster
Flowers and Insects

#75 Portrait Triptych of the Golden Gorge Rays

Portrait Triptych Split Golden Gorge Rays
Portrait Triptych Split
Golden Gorge Rays


Metal image Clusters, Splits, and Triptychs.

I revised the page about the Metal cluster wall displays. Please come check it out again and give me some feedback! Are there any particular images (they are all numbered) that jump out at you, and why? I plan to create one on metal when I save enough money, to use in Gallery shows so we can all see what they really look like on a wall. Metal prints are spectacular anyway, bringing out the light in the image, and they are known for lasting for generations.  Washable with windex and scratch resistant.

Currently I am hanging a show once more in North Shore Cafe in White Salmon, and also featuring a 30% off sale on metal prints during October.  Now is a good time to pick something up on metal!

email me at for more information.


5 thoughts on “Vote for the next Gallery Show display!

  1. I vote for #7, 15, and 42.


    • Thanks Peggy! I liked your reasons too for the water shots on metal prints, you are right. However also I must say so far the dozen or more images I have sold on metal it was light that really is enhanced, and there are several non water images I have printed that looked awesome.


  2. Cynthia Killip says:

    I vote for #27, 15, and 75. They are segmented perfectly!


  3. Erin Happy pants :-) says:

    I like # 3, 75, and 9. I might also suggest that sometime looking at you Utah prints too. You have some awesome shots there as well. Not saying that the gorge isn’t wonderful, since that is really where my heart is. 🙂


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