A Night at the Lake

Last night I headed out from home about 11:30 pm on what has become a more rare adventure. There were rumors of Aurora activity, so I headed to a favorite location. I did get a few shots of the Aurora and am including one picture taken by the phone of the camera LCD screen. Then I crawled into my bed in the truck in spite of the very cold temperatures, and had a good sleep for a few hours. Waking up at sunrise I crawled back out and captured a few shots of a lovely morning. The golden light on fall leaves was delightful. It was a beautiful clear day and I fixed myself a small breakfast beside the lake. Such precious moments alone in nature, full of peace.

Except the Aurora shot These are all iPhone shots processed in phone while I am sitting in the parking lot of Heavenly Grounds and The Station Cafe in Trout Lake. I just restocked my photo cards here so if you are local and looking for cards there is a new selection of 20 cards available. If you are in White Salmon or Bingen area you can find my cards at Artisan’s and Dickies. Some of my large images are on the wall at North Shore Cafe in White Salmon, Washington











7 thoughts on “A Night at the Lake

  1. Dawn Baker says:

    Great shots! Particularly love the golden boughs hanging over the dirt road!!


  2. Splendid! You are so fortunate to live where there is no light pollution to interfere with viewing the northern lights. The stars must look wonderful, as well.


  3. Beautiful captures. Looks very peaceful.


  4. It does get harder on the bones. Ask elder Sissy Nora 🙂 But Da, you really know how to make the most of Nature’s Bounties. What with a very cozy mobile bed in the most tranquil heart of Mother Nature! Love the innovative things you create!


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