Looking back a Year from now

I have been searching my archives looking for the images I wish to use in the calendars I am building, and in the process have reworked a few older shot with my newer skills!  Here are a few from November 2013

Please DO check out the links in the sidebar on this page, see my books and prints.  Keep all us photographers and artists in mind as you start thinking of presents to buy for loved ones.  I am currently working on my calendar for 2014, and will let you know when that is finished.

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Thank you for coming to visit!

AutumnBokeh_4045-2-16 CommunityLaundry_7340-19 FallBlueberries_6975-12 FallVinyards_7204-17 GMC-Reflections_7345-20 GorgeSunset_7137-2-Edit-14 GorgeTwilight_6907-2-1 HoodriverAutumn_GorgePano-23 HoodRiver-Autumn-6925-3 HoodRiver-Autumn-6930-4 HoodRiver-Autumn-6939-5 HoodRiver-Autumn-6940-6 HoodRiver-Autumn-6946-7 HoodRiver-Autumn-6957-9 HoodRiver-Autumn-6958-10 HoodRiverOrchards-6964-11 Lennies_MtHood_3999-2-13 PantherCreek-jpg_7238 PantherCreekPano2 Stellar'sJay_4037-2-15  Windermere_7356-22