Did I ever mention how much I love clouds?

All kinds of clouds. Of course I’m well-known for my lenticular’s but there are many other fascinating clouds as well. If you see me around town sometime when I walk out of a building the first thing I do is look up.








Please take the time to check out the links in the sidebar. I want to tell you I just remodeled my Trout lake and Beyond book, I have not yet posted new pictures in that album but it is now a 46 page book with lots of new pictures!! I’m actually rather excited about it. I am working on the calendar still not quite done with that and I am planning to send an email out soon with more information to everyone who signed up on my email list. If you haven’t yet you can send me an email at starlisa.black@gmail.com to get on the calendar list


2 thoughts on “Did I ever mention how much I love clouds?

  1. I’m with you on the clouds. I am always looking up at them and being mesmerized by their shapes and formations. When I look out a window or step outside, I look first at the clouds. I wish more people took notice of what is above them, not just what they are walking on. In many cases, they don’t even notice what they are walking on. They’re more interested in their techie devices!


    • boy Peggy that is so true, and I am guilty of that at times also and it makes me sad… those phones and such suck us right in. on the other hand, I was able to make this post from my phone, so there are pros! I have also noticed how people can be busy walking and not notice a rainbow over their heads or some other natural wonder…


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