Wandering through Fall with Friends at Conboy Wildlife Refuge

Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge is lovely any time of year, with widely changing terrain as a large area floods and dries out in cycles.  Large herds of Elk wander the refuge, and flocks of migrating birds make it an annual stop along the route.

Greg-Glenwood-3731 Lynn_Conboy-3780

Here is a great news article from 2011 about conboy and its history and cycles.  

The Home Page for Conboy by the department of Fish and Wildlife is a lovely interactive experience with many things to learn.

Aspens_ConboyFall-3744 Aspens_ConboyFall-3749 Aspens_ConboyFall-3753 Aspens_ConboyFall-3761 Aspens_ConboyFall-3762

I will be loading some of the best images up onto my Smug Mug Galleries soon, so check back later I will repost this with the links.  Are there any that really speak to you?  Let me know!

LarchTrees_Conboy-3715 MtAdams_ConboyFall-3773 MtAdams_ConboyFall-3774 LarchTrees_Conboy-3723 LarchTrees_Conboy-7469 OldGold_Glenwood_3828


This world is such an amazing place.

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