From Calm Serenity to Wild Weather, that is the Gorge!

Looking for the perfect March image for my calendar led me to this image.  I am amazed I never processed this!  Actually there are several, but only this one processed for now so I could get it in the calendar.  This is a very rare moment in the Columbia River Gorge, with this big old river so calm and reflective.  Peaceful easy feeling.

Usually the weather in the Gorge is more boisterous.  These Lenticular clouds on November 15 led me down to the river where the light was coming and going.  Lenticulars, or wave clouds, are often an indicator of a change in the weather, and we see them fairly often in the Cascade Mountain Range.

Most of these images link to their printable versions on Smugmug now, just click on the images.  They can be purchased any size.  If you are interested in in metal prints, canvas, or thinwrap styles, talk to me directly via email at

Wild and Wooly Grand Lennies over Dickey Farms in Bingen November 15, 2013

Wild and Wooly Grand Lennies over Dickey Farms in Bingen November 15, 2013

These are more photos taken the same day down at Dickey Farms in Bingen, Washington.  Dickey’s is a family farm spanning generations, and their hard work created rich bottomland gardens and green space that help keep the area beautiful and provides healthy local produce for so many. They have a lovely storefront along highway 14, with many wonderful gift items and unusual foods as well as their own fresh produce. A bakery in the store puts out pastries both sweet and savory daily.  They also carry my photo cards!


Barn at the edge of Bingen, and orchards on Dickey Farm


Looking at Bingen across the Farm


Windy Farm Roads on Dickey Farms


Dike Road


Roads along a dike that protects Dickey Farm from the Columbia River

Road into Mystery

Road into Mystery


Rare Moment in the Columbia Gorge


6 thoughts on “From Calm Serenity to Wild Weather, that is the Gorge!

  1. You know what, Darlisa? I bet the last photo, “Rare Moment in the Columbia Gorge” would look gorgeous as a metal print!


  2. Forrest says:

    These are beautiful! You have a great eye for composition.

    I’m going to have to agree that the still-as-a-mirror image of the bridge reflecting in the water is the best in the set, but there are several other wonderful shots, too. The unworldly clouds, the bends in the road to mystery, and all the intense colors of autumn are spectacular.

    I need to go visit the Gorge, it’s been too long.


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