Trees and Clouds

As I sift through my unprocessed Archives I am finding all sorts of treasures!  Here are a few to share just for fun… these are not yet uploaded to my print purchasing galleries, just here to enjoy.  I am not going to weave a story with them right now or anything, just share them.  Please let me know if there are any you really think should be added to the Print Gallery!  

Click on that photo in the sidebar of the 2014 calendar to go see the pages of my new calendar.


Oh and I wanted to let you know if you are local here in the Columbia Gorge, I will be at North Shore Cafe on November 29, Friday, with other artists in a holiday Trunk Show from 5-8 pm.  The next day on November 30 I will be with many artists of all sorts over in Hood River at the Soroptimist Art Extravaganza all day Saturday.  It is located in the Conference building out front of the Best Western Hotel near the Bridge.  


2 thoughts on “Trees and Clouds

  1. Great shots =) Thanks for sharing


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