Lunar Rainbow, 12:30 AM

I got to see and photograph my first large Lunar Rainbow, or Moonbow and it was exciting!  I am adding all the shots I took so you can see the progression.  at the end I am adding a website that is superb for looking up information on all sorts of Atmospheric Optics.


Here is the link for the Atmospheric Optics website “Atoptics”


I am rather fascinated with all such optics, and my collection is growing!  My Flickr Set for Atmospheric Optics



and I have a few calendars left at this point, mostly the new Desk calendars

but a few of the others as well  Click on this image to see all the choices

Desk Calendar September

Desk Calendar September



4 thoughts on “Lunar Rainbow, 12:30 AM

  1. Wow! I have never heard of such a thing before. Congratulations on capturing this effect!


  2. Pretty new concept! Ground-breaking phenomenon. Hope the word “moonbow” becomes accepted as a standard dictionary term…


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