Twilight and Lennies


Many times in life I have stood and watched as the sunset faded and twilight blue hour came on. And several of those times I have watched as cloud spun like whirling dervishes in the fading blue light as the stars began to peek out one by one.





Exciting upcoming Event in White Salmon!

Exciting upcoming Event in White Salmon!.  This Thursday!  and I got a new canvas print made for the occasion, 11 x 14″ in size

River of Fog

River of Fog

Eternal Cycles

Freezing rain coats every needle on the fir trees one cold January week in 2010

Freezing rain coats every needle on the fir trees one cold January week in 2010

Eternal Cycles

Crystalline beauty
of individually frosted Ponderosa Pine needles,
glistening in the low-lying winter sunlight;
A shimmering halo of pure light evoking a brief flash of thankful joy.

The light that is love divine, pure unadulterated bliss…

At that wondrous moment, life makes sense.
Life and death~ part of the eternal cycle~
and never an ending
without a new beginning.

The morning sun kisses the earth, brings renewal daily.
It is left for us to see the blessings
and take them as our own.
The gift is here, do we have the eyes to see,
the ears to hear?

Descending into the fog once more
I remember the sadness,
but my load is lighter.
Heart brims with thankfulness,
for the memory of joy.

Fog thickens,
lays in wisps and heavy blankets
over the forested hills and tilled fields.
Darkness consumes,
yet a glimpse of the gold edged trees
in the high valley
bring a reminder of better days.

the light will return.
Light… pure love of Creator
for all creation…
and of all life for
it’s maker.
Be at peace.
~Darlisa 12/02/04


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