Twilight and Lennies


Many times in life I have stood and watched as the sunset faded and twilight blue hour came on. And several of those times I have watched as cloud spun like whirling dervishes in the fading blue light as the stars began to peek out one by one.




Published by Starlisa Black Photography

My mother taught me to love the world around me… and if I can help others to see with new eyes by showing that beauty through photography. I have accomplished my hearts goal . Husum, WA is my childhood home and I consider home to be anywhere from Mount Adams to the Columbia River. I give thanks to my parents for their love for Nature and God. My work can be found online in full on Flickr, and while I am not set up to sell on that site, if you find a print of any size or style you wish to inquire about simply email me and I can send you a price list of prints by themselves or framed or mounted on foam core, gallery wraps, and standouts. I also license my photos for use in magazines, travel brochures and for web site use, and have been published several times. During the summer I am often at Saturday Market in Trout Lake or Hood River with my Note Cards and Prints You can also find me on Google as Darlisa Black, and on Facebook as Starlisa Black Photography Thank you for Viewing…

2 thoughts on “Twilight and Lennies

  1. That last image is amazing! My brother-in-law told me that plane pilots do what they can to avoid flying through or near lennies as they play havoc with the flight. I can understand why when I look at that last image of yours.


    1. Rebecca that’s true about pilots and on the other hand glider pilots and sailplanes love these and they soar off the thermals created by this spinning cloud to go to incredible heights. The record made by such a flight was to I think 45,000 foot elevation because of a lenticular stack.
      Thank you! That image was in the weather guide calendar about three years ago


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