Life’s little whirlwinds

Sometimes when you think you have a handle on life, a whirlwind kicks up and sends you off in a new direction, perhaps a bit tattered and torn, with new scars for show and tell.
In this case, a family death brings a trip to Utah with my older Brother and his daughter. While making preparations for this, my elderly Sister had chest pain and was cold and clammy, so we called 911 and went with her to the hospital where she spent one night. Fortunately she stabilized again, and the upside is that we were able to discharge her directly to a Care Center for a few days while I take the trip to Utah so I won’t be worrying about her safety when I am gone. I was dog sitting and found family to care for the dog and cats as well. Now I just have to go home and pack!

Meanwhile I wanted to share a series of light paintings I have made on my iPhone and iPad. These are from an app called Silk, which is wonderfully soothing and meditative. Hope you enjoy! Our regularly scheduled nature photography will return soon











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Thank you for your visit!