Dreaming on a gray day

Today the fog and rain are thick in the Columbia River Gorge, so I thought I would revisit a much loved summer place, only open about 3 months a year. Accessible from Trout Lake, Washington, this portion of the Mount Adams Wilderness was returned to the Yakama Nation in 1972 as part of the Handshake treaty. Referred to as Tract D, this portion of the reservation is still open to the public for camping, hiking and fishing. Tract D includes Bird Creek Meadows, Bench Lake, Mirror Lake, Bird Lake. These 3 lakes each have campgroundsalong the shores, and a 4th lake, Bluff Lake, is accessible by trail from Bird Lake. Tribal rangers stay onsite during the short season and often speak to groups of boy scouts or other groups about tribal history and the location.

The featured image above is Bluff Lake, while the images below are Bench Lake and Bird Creek Meadows with Mount Adams







4 thoughts on “Dreaming on a gray day

  1. SwittersB says:

    Many years ago, a man as a means of repaying me for kindness, took me to Bench for a surreal fly fishing experience. It was so good, my family on later visits renamed it Dusty L. to keep it secret (you no doubt no why dusty given the descent into those lakes). Many great memories there! Adams looming over the top. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I was just writing a page about the Yakama and their beloved Pahto. Searched your site for an appropriate photo. Looks like you have been pondering some of the same thoughts.


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