Wind, Sun, and Gratitude


Wind, Sun, and Gratitude

Letting the winds of Life dance around me
like whirling Dervishes,
my roots reach deep into the
earth’s mysteries
and songs,
while my arms,
like branches,
reach with joy into the sun filled
heavens above.

Longing swims the same channels
through my veins
as Gratitude,
connecting the heavens above
and earth below.
Humbly I bow my head
and give thanks
For this day, this gift of life
and memory
and dreams.

~ Darlisa


6 thoughts on “Wind, Sun, and Gratitude

  1. roger says:

    and an awesome
    sister i have,,, , the feelings that , pour out are amazing,, well thought and very loving ,,,,indeed,,, indeed


  2. SwittersB says:

    Very beautiful Darlisa…the image and words.


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