Meandering Visions of Joyous Solidarity, and Appreciation for Helpful Hints.

large rainbow seen over the Columbia River from White Salmon, with one end touching the stone outcropping near Hood River called Guardian of the Gorge.

NOW if you just want to skip to the stuff about where is the Art For Oso fundraiser auction and gorgeous photos you can bid on, slide on down the page to the link section.  🙂  I won’t be offended if you skip my ramblings

This has been an incredible grassroots explosion of caring, thanks to the dream of Justin Kramer and his wife.   Along the way they collected volunteers so saw the dream and wanted to help.  We are all learning as we go!  As of April 4,2014,  Photos for the Auction for Oso have been reviewed to be sure they are of printing quality suitable for an Art auction. Getting that balance between quality art and community spirit is a big challenge! I am plum worn out from soothing ruffled feathers and making decisions. (Wednesday night) and then Rejuvenated Thursday watching it all come back together with a Joyful dance as artists met each other and discovered beauty everywhere aimed at helping make life a little bit easier for the folks in Oso and Darrington area. Along the way came many lessons.

Having been an artist of one form or another all my life, I learned long ago to have a thick skin about constructive criticism… but I slip now and then 😉 However there are many people who take it VERY personally… and if you are one of those, submitting in an event like this is not always easy or even wise unless you learn to NOT take it personally. The pointers from the review committees can be extremely valuable learning tools if you listen instead of react. Photographers who have been doing this a long time don’t always have patience for an obviously or even slightly crooked horizon for example, when that can be so easily fixed even with Picasa or Lightroom. Learning to deal with rejection and criticism is something artists and writers have always had to deal with as well… but a writer who is passionate about their dream learns to bite their tongue, stack up those rejection slips and keep on writing, improving as they go. Passionate Photographers grab their cameras and head back out there in the rain and try a different angle and catch a rainbow, or learn something about a program that will help them process photos more effectively to bring out the beauty the camera seldom captures all alone. I don’t get it when someone tells me “but I can’t do what you do”, because I wasn’t able to either, but I kept trying and trying. My Dad used to say “I Can’t is a slugger too lazy to try”. He also said, “Show me someone who never made a mistake and I will show you someone who never did a darn thing!”. DON’T let not knowing stop you! You can weave together a miracle out of moonlight and spider webs, with enough passion and hard work! I studied popular photos on Flickr and other places to train my eye to see what works visually and grabs people’s attention, and I STILL consider myself to be a rank amateur in comparison to some of the amazing photographers out there I admire so much.

Ok, that was my download rant after this remarkable couple days. Never give up. never just get hurt at someones opinion… see if there is something in there that can benefit you and then throw the rest out. Your value does not depend on someone elses opinion, but you might be able to learn something because of that opinion. It is up to each of us how we take such things, what we do with them.

For myself, today made it all worthwhile, watching the coalescence of stars form into galaxies of great beauty that will become treasured Prints upon an appreciative new owner’s wall… even while hope becomes a strand in a rope built of caring and sharing that will become mightier than we even know. A rope that will pull the dreams back out of the mud in Oso and put education back into lives and feed the hard-working souls working to rebuild.
Yes, I am grateful to be here right now. Thank you for sharing it all with me.


This auction is the second  Facebook fundraiser by Justin in two weeks , all of it for the rebuilding and recovery efforts taking place in Oso and Darrington area of Washington State following a terrifying mudslide that has left way too many homes and lives destroyed.  The first fundraiser, ending less that a week ago, collected $8,500 in bids!   ALL money, 100% of what is gathered, is going into the Cascade Valley Hospital Fund set up in a bank in Arlington, where it all will be going right back into the communities ravaged by the 530 mudslide that buried Oso, Washington.  These links will open  in a new tab

 This link is now set up for donations, and people paying for their winning photos will pay directly into this fund, not even through this group or administrators. 

This link is for the website link for the Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation emergency fund for Oso, Washington
This link is for the website link for the Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation emergency fund for Oso, Washington


ALSO if you are wanting to skip the whole Auction bidding thing, don’t want a picture anyway… you can donate DIRECTLY to that fund via the link just above.  It is all about donating to our Washington neighbors in need! 

#OsoStrong #530slide #530slidephotographyauction



Bidding at the online Auction on Facebook will begin Friday April 4th @ 7:00 pm PST and will continue for a week.  An incredible collection of images, many from some of the Pacific Northwest stars among photographers, will be available for your bidding pleasure!  Click on either of the following images to see them in the album available, OR:

click on this link to go directly to the group page where you can JOIN the group and be able to bid on the images. 

Facebook group "Art For Oso" creating fundraisers for #OsoStrong to help with mudslide relief efforts in Oso and Darrington in the state of Washington


If you are already IN the Art for Oso group and just want an easy LINK TO THE GROUP PHOTO ALBUM TO GET DOWN TO THE BUSINESS OF BIDDING, just CLICK on this sentence in blue to go directly to photo album full of  Treasures of great beauty!!!  



Below are my two images that I have donated to the Auction with the financial and encouragement help of my friend James Massey of Trout Lake, Washington.  They are posted, with over 130 other amazing images by many amazing photographers,  in this Art For Oso Photography Auction.


This image of the Perseid meteor and Milky way was taken in early August, 2013.  Click on the image to see it in the AUCTION album

Perseid Meteor and Milky Way over a very ghostly Locust Grove Church near Wasco,
Perseid Meteor and Milky Way over a very ghostly Locust Grove Church near Wasco, Oregon

You can also see this one of the Meteor and church in my photo galleries in this link


Or this Aurora image taken June 1, 2013  Click ON the image to see it in the Auction Gallery.  Bidding starts at 7:00 pm PST in the group Art For Oso

Northern Light Bliss over Mount Adams, reflected in Trout Lake, Washington
Northern Light Bliss over Mount Adams, reflected in Trout Lake, Washington

This Aurora image can be seen in my photo galleries on SmugMug by clicking on this link


Thank you all for coming!  maybe we will see you over at Art For Oso this week!

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