Dickey Farms Delight

Along with many other kids in town from my generation, my first summer job was picking beans at Dickey Farms in Bingen, Washington. Hard work, yes, but so rewarding to have a little of our own money for an occasional treat or to help buy our own clothes for school. Now, as a photographer whose notecards are sold by the counter at Dickey’s Farm Store, it can be a joy to be led by the light into the fields when all is quiet on the Farm. This week was one of those days, and I loved every minute of it as light danced through and around the Hot caps, looking like soldiers tents marching across the fields in an orderly fashion.

The images here are linked to my photo galleries, and clicking on most of them will take you to corresponding images in the galleries.

This first image is from a year ago up near the store at the west end of Bingen, right along Highway 14.


These next couple images are from last November 2013

Road into Mystery

Road into Mystery




And now we come to this week’s Hot Cap Adventures!   Starting out with a few shots of Dickey’s Farm Store.




No Farm is complete without a Tractor!!


In the spring when frost is still always a possibility here in the Gorge, armies of tender plants take refuge under the hot caps until danger is past.











4 thoughts on “Dickey Farms Delight

  1. Amazing images! I can’t imagine all the time and effort putting on all those hot caps! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Lori Kreps says:

    Darlisa, the pictures are fantastic! Thank you for taking such great pictures of the farm and store. We would like to use some in our advertising. I will share this link with the owners and employees of Dickey Farms.


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