Lunar Eclipse Palindrome

I made this post in the middle of the night… and am reblogging it to give more folks a chance to see it šŸ˜‰

Starlisa Black Photography

Processing the shots from the eclipse got me thinking about palindromes, a favorite subject!

Lunar-Halo_PreEclipse_0299-1 Lunar Halo preceded the eclipsing moon on its journey behind the large standing wave cloud looming in the SE from Panorama Point in Hood River, Oregon.

This week every day is a palindrome! (4-14-14), (4-15-14_ etc. The Lunar Eclipse was a palindrome, ending as it started, with the lovely orange red earth shadow in the heart of the palindrome as the shadow slowly moved across the surface both coming and going. In Port Townsend we had a community center used for everything from weddings or memorials to African dance or Yoga. The huge lovely barn was given the name ā€œThe Palindromeā€ by the owners at that time, the ā€œFlying Karamzov Brothersā€ whose humor and juggling kept us all entertained.
Palindromes. We all get to be a palindrome on occasionā€¦ last year I was one at ageā€¦

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