Moments in Sand

OregonCoast_Newport-1376-2 OregonCoast_Newport-1385 OregonCoast_Newport-1388 OregonCoast_Newport-1393 OregonCoast_Newport-1396 OregonCoast_Newport-1402 OregonCoast_Newport-1409 OregonCoast_Newort-1284 OregonCoast_Newort-1286 OregonCoast_Newort-1348

Today I am grateful for my sister and my brother who got to come home from the hospitals they were each in, and praying still for the other brother who has been in the longest with a lung infection, and still is there. For one night they were all in the hospital at the same time! These sandy images are from a happy time at the beach last month with my daughter. She is currently sick as well, with a respiratory infection. I like the happy images of her on the beach, like a prayer for her… and a wish that I could do more.