Thanks everyone for helping me get a show ready!

Thank you all for jumping in on this gallery show!

Thank you all for jumping in on this gallery show!

This was a real Win-Win situation I feel like… several of you got some killer awesome prints coming at barely above cost, and I got those prints to use for this gallery show!  I was too broke to go buy new prints, and this idea popped in during a moment of inspiration.

I will probably do this for another show sometimes!


Thanks everyone… and yes the sale is Done now except for those I have already discussed options with.

This weekend will be a 2 day market at the Grange in Trout Lake, Washington, too!  I am now planning to go set up a booth for the weekend.  It is also the annual Trout Lake Community Yard Sale to raise money for scholarships for kids and other community needs.


Be sure to check out the links in the sidebar when you have time, especially the galleries link!

Have a great weekend…



Three Prints for the Show spoken for!

So far these three images have been spoken for at the 50% off sale, they will all be in the Gallery Show at the White Salmon Library for the month of September and then shipped out to the people buying them at the end of that show.  Hurray!~  Still could use a few more for this show or for the next show at Mugs Coffee in Bingen so if you are interested in a half price Metal print (or thin wrap or canvas) check out this previous post with the details.

By the way the featured image of Lower Falls on the Lewis River is also available on the sale 🙂

Click on this blue link for more information

Opportunity for GREAT savings on Large Prints!

Here are the three images spoken for at this point

Big Spring Creek Falls

Big Spring Creek Falls This image spoken for by Sheila Moore Reynolds, and it will be a 20 x 30″ Metal print and I am excited about this one! Thank you Sheila



Glory Above This image will be on Metal as well, at a size of 16 x 24″ inches, and big thanks to Marion Wyman who will be the new owner of this lovely image of a scene full of memories for this wonderful retired teacher.



Naturally Framed ALso going to be a Metal print, size 24 x 36″! How exciting to have one so big for the show! Thank you to Greta Dayley, who will be the new owner of this image!

Reminiscing on Journeys Too Long Ago

Someone on Flickr recently went through my older Autumn images and liked some from 2008 at Silver Falls State Park near Silverton, Oregon.  These images I had forgotten about were taken soon after I got my first DSLR.  This caused me to look for those original files and rework them with some of my better processing skills and program.  Sadly I only shot those images in jpeg format rather than raw images as I now use, so the processing is more limited, however I still liked the results!  

SilverFallsPark-3944 SilverFallsPark-3996 SilverFallsPark-4163 SilverFallsPark-trail_3568 Waterfall_abstract_4159

Random Images that make me smile

I am reblogging this set of images just to make me smile some more! Let me know it it makes you smile too 🙂

Starlisa Black Photography

Sometimes words simply aren’t enough…


OverTheFog_GorgeMorning-0454 River of Fog fills the Columbia Gorge in December of 2013. This is a Panorama of multiple images. 


MountAdams-sunset_2390wo2 sudden surprise sunset of glory in Trout Lake, Washington, just when all was flat gray and all hope of sunset seemed lost.


Aurora-Oct8_5511-14 Aurora pillars at Trout Lake and Mount Adams in October of 2013


Eagles_5709-3 Bald Eagles love the snags in the Columbia River Gorge


Osprey-with-Nest-8630-2 Osprey guards it nest from other Osprey


Rio_flowers_20110504-2 My old dog Rio lays among the flowers at Dalles Mountain Ranch. I miss that girl!


OldGold_Glenwood_3828 Sunstar in an Old gnarly tree on Camas Praire


Apocopolypse_Mill-2-2381 Apocalypse Mill


BingenMuseum_SunriseLightningStorm_5886 Lightning flashes blue during an August sunrise of pink, over the Bingen Museum in Bingen, Washington.


Celtic Musician Leannan Sidhe performing with Dara Korra'ti at the Glastonbury Renaissance Faire in Toledo, Oregon along the Oregon Coast. Mother's Day weekend 2014 Celtic Musician Leannan Sidhe performing with Dara Korra’ti at the Glastonbury Renaissance Faire in Toledo, Oregon along the Oregon Coast. Mother’s Day weekend…

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LIfe is an everchanging Process

No matter what life throws our way

we can overcome


and even move forward.  

At times the moments can be full of shadows

and hurt, 

but go around that next corner

and the LIght returns

to brighten your 


What we do with that light

is up to each of us.

We can hide it in our proverbial closets

and try to keep it all for ourselves…. 

but it slips away. 

We can shine the light out from 

our hearts

for others to find their way, 

and it returns 


Our choice.  Move

Forward into that LIght!  Let it fill the hearts of others

so that they may shine for you 

in dark times.

Together, spirits shining, move 

Forward into that Light, 


Give Thanks.

     ~darlisa black August 16, 2014

Road to Mount Rainer

Road to Mount Rainer

Rowena Fire 2014 UPDATED

UPDATE Aug 9:  The fire was listed as 55 % contained this morning, with 3,565 acres total.  I believe that 3 houses burned and my thought and prayers are with the families, but grateful no lives were lost.  3 other structures burned as well.  All evacuations were dropped to Level 1 and people could return to their homes with caution.  Mopping up and burn outs continue and lets hope that wind does not kick back up hard!  So far so good.  I am adding a small collection of images to the first gallery showing what I could see Friday evening.  Some of these fire images have been shown on news like KGW, and I was contacted by CBS in New York about using an image for their coverage of this fire. I am so appreciative of our Firefighter heros that worked so hard in such dangerous condiitions!  Also,  for those who are so broken hearted about the destruction of nature… I have watched several areas now recover following fire and wildflowers will come back better than ever.  Many of the trees have not been killed, just charred on the edges, and will recover.  Dead falls have been cleaned up which will help with pest problems and future fire hazard.  Poison Oak and Ticks might even get slowed down briefly!  Animals and birds for the most part will have moved out of range of fire, and new grass will grow in better than before providing improved grazing for deer and elk.  You will be amazed in a year or three how quickly many things will return.

Original Post:   Rowena Fire started in the switchbacks along Historic Highway 30 just to the East of Rowena Crest in the Columbia Gorge, and just west of the town of Rowena, Oregon.  First spotted August 5th at 9:15 pm, and Showing up in force August 6, the fire rapidly grew in the next 24 hours to 2,600 acres, and then to 3,372 acres by the morning of August 8.  Currently (Aug 8) there are 659 personnel fighting this fire, with 6 Helicopters dumping water on the fire and many Fire engines are used around the perimeter. 740 residences are threatened by the fire in Rowena and the Chenowith area.  Back burning operations have begun between Rowena and The Dalles.

This short timelapse video is a video speeded up to 16x speed and a few still photographs added in… no sound only the images.   Just click on the link from this sentence.

Here is a gallery of the Photographs taken August 6 in the evening Click on an image to see it larger, and use arrows to see the rest of the images.

Some of my better images will also be in the Wildfire gallery on my SmugMug website.  Go there by clicking on this link for wildfire gallery where they can also be purchased.

Thank you for your visit.  I have always been fascinated with documenting area Wildfires as you can see in the Wildfire Gallery Link which will open in a new tab.

Even more complete collection of local wildfire images can be seen on my Flickr Page here showing several photo albums from different Fires.  Click on this link to go to my Flickr Wildfire Collection and it will open in a new tab in your browser.