Opportunity for Great Savings!

My goodness this 50% off plan to help gather prints for my upcoming Gallery show next week has worked amazingly well! Thanks to all of you who have helped spread the word to friends who might be interested, and to those who have jumped on the bandwagon by ordering prints. I liked this so much, a win win situation where you got metal and canvas gallery prints at a ridiculously low price, and I got to have the print for my show for September at the Library. I am hoping that seeing these large metal prints will inspire others to order their own. Metal Prints are amazing, they bring light into any room, are lightweight and easy to hang, scratch resistant and washable, and the colors are brilliant and long lasting. The images on metal that have good light in the photo seem to become almost 3D with depth.
So far we have about 5 … three metal ones that I have already ordered, and 2 canvas ones I am working on. Friday I start setting up the show with whatever I have on hand, and will add others as they arrive. My gallery opening is Tuesday September 9, from 6-9 pm at the Gallery end of the Library in White Salmon, so come on by!

Oh, These images have now been spoken for in addition to the three previous images in the last post 


Mount Adams in Fall from Camas Praire. Taken from the Kreps Ranch at the edge of Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Lower Falls on the Lewis River

Lower Falls on the Lewis River


These next three are the metal images I have already ordered