New Cup Ideas, feedback anyone?

I am debating about getting a handful of these cups while they are on sale.  Question is, would anyone actually pay $25 for a ceramic mug like this?  Seems too much to me, honestly, but I might order a few to find out.

I would love feedback on this.

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4 thoughts on “New Cup Ideas, feedback anyone?

  1. I love that first mug with the intense pink sunset! It’s fabulous against the black! I wish that Zazzle had all-black mugs. They just have black trim on white. It is is more expensive to manufacture the all-black mugs. Sounds like $25 is a bit expensive, even with a sale. And you have to pay for shipping, as well, I would suppose.


    1. Thanks Peggy and you are right, although if I hit the right time I can get free shipping too. It really does seem too steep.. and I could sell them for $20 if I do get free shipping. They really cost too much thru Shutterfly, but love the quality!


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