In Honor of Loved Ones

In Honor of Loved Ones

In Honor of Loved Ones

My heart cries as once again we lose another family member.  Sometimes there are no words left to describe or explain, except it was way too soon to lose this lovely 32 year old daughter of my special first cousin.  Christina Clarke passed away suddenly in England this weekend, of unknown causes.  Her mother Camille (my cousin) flies to England today to help her son in law with all the details.  Camille had just lost her husband in the spring this year, and lost her Mother just last spring. Her father is also gone, a few short years ago.  I do try hard to hold onto understanding and faith, to know that indeed they are in God’s hands and we will see them again, but sometimes my peace and understanding is shattered by the pain.  I love my Cousins so much and many prayers and heartfelt hugs are being sent to all the Bammes Family.


4 thoughts on “In Honor of Loved Ones

  1. I am so sorry to hear of this, Darlisa. I feel especially bad for the mother, who has already experienced so much grief recently. Yes, there is so much pain in life that we humans have to endure, but all supposedly for a greater good. My heart was broken over the recent high school shooting in Marysville, as many other’s were. The good Lord gave us all strong hearts to endure the worst and to keep going, no matter what comes our way. God bless your family and watch over them.


    • oh sweet Peggy thank you so much for your good words like a hug! Yes, it is the mother I cry for the most… if something happened to my daughter I don’t know if i could handle it!
      Re; Marysville-Pilchuck shooting, my nephew was there, friends with all the kids who shot and were shot, and he is having a hard time with it all and so am I . Yes, Heavenly Father gave us strong hearts, but really, I have gotten lots of opportunity to develop that strength, enough already! sigh…


  2. SwittersB says:

    Prayers and blessings to all Darlisa. That is a lot of grieving and sorting in a short amount of time. Truly best wishes in the months ahead

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    • oh my friend that is greatly appreciated! Trying to keep seeing the good and not get trapped in the sadness… and for me that has always been a challenge… as I feel things so strongly, including the troubles of those I love. I suppose that is not so unusual however!


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