I Be Lichen Today

I had a lovely day in the rain and forest from Wind River to Trout Lake!  My skin drank up the rain, and my camera wore out some batteries 🙂   I participated in a Lichen walk at Hemlock- Stabler near the Wind River and along a section of the Pacific Crest Trail.  Learned a few things, and had fun.  Then I drove the Panther Creek road to the 60 RD, on past Goose Lake and back to Trout Lake, and on down Highway 141 to White Salmon.  Today I made a huge loop since I started in White Salmon and drove first down Highway 14 to Carson then north to Stabler.
Click on a photo, and then use side arrows to scroll through the set.  The last three, fog on the lake, are taken with my old cell phone since that was all I had left to shoot with.