Mount Adams in Autumn Light

Taken November 1, 2014 near Glenwood, Washington, my first photo in this month’s folder is a favorite for this year.  Here are three versions and I would love feedback on which one would be the best version for a calendar pic.

CamasPraire-Autumn_9496 CamasPraire-Autumn_9545 CamasPraire-Autumn_9550


6 thoughts on “Mount Adams in Autumn Light

  1. Lovely autumn pics! I think I like the first one the best!

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  2. Jewels says:

    Gosh they’re all so lovely, I don’t know which to pick..

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  3. Kevin Kyte says:

    The third pic strikes me best because I like the way the clouds creep up the side of the mountain and it has a larger mountain size than #2.

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