Winter Haze Sunset

Glory in the Columbia River Gorge, November 19, 2014.  I love an evening like this!  There I was working away on my Calendar design on the computer when I glanced out the window and galvanized quickly into action, there was color!   Racing to the bluff through the snow, I caught some pretty color 🙂






Frozen Fishermen

I took this series of photos from the sand bar at the mouth of the White Salmon River this last Monday when temps hovered around 18 degrees F before factoring in wind factor.  I not sure who was the craziest, this man and child, or me, the crazy photographer!  🙂

Any opinions on the best fishing boat shots?

And now for the crazy photographer!  Here are some selfies I took showing my well layered attire and to show that I know how to stay warm 🙂