Requiem of Ice

Friends have created this amazing video, “Requiem of Ice”.  Thank you to Ben Canales, John Waller and the others at Uncage the Soul Productions.

Experience a visual and narrative odyssey of the largest glacier cave system in the lower 48 states.
Produced, written, and directed 2014 by Uncage the Soul Productions from Portland, Oregon.

For additional details and a photo gallery, visit

To see the original video on Vimeo, click here:  Requiem of Ice on Vimeo

Well written article on this process here:  Article in Shred Hood 

This next video is documenting the process of making the first video!


4 thoughts on “Requiem of Ice

  1. Oh, my gosh! This has got to be the most fantastic video I have viewed. It moved me to tears. Thank you so much for posting and sharing this with the world.


    • Peggy it did the same to me! I have known Ben especially for a few years now and watching him grow into the phenomenal photographer and person he is has been a shining light in life. All of them are amazing, including their “Sherpas” 🙂


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