Reflections on Life, Ripples of memory

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I am holding a vision in my mind that anyone that is lonely or sad today has someone reach out to them to bring comforting positive words, a hug, a warm blanket or good meal, whatever it is that they are most in need of today or any day. Regardless of National holidays, this is my vision for everyday. May this old world find more peace and far less anger and violence, and that change has always started with each one of us.
Watch ourselves… when we see the crazy things that happen on the news, what is your reaction? DO you rush to blame someone and pile on the judgement in comments on the internet? Or do you stop and try to see the situation from all sides and realize we have no place in life to be judges of others when we do not know the full circumstances?  Think about your words… for they do have an effect on others.  In this day of technology, those words can stick around to haunt you for a long time!
Think about it…  give thanks, and think about what positive energy you can put out into the world to balance all the negative. I love you all, and hope for the very best for each and everyone of us!

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  1. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Darlisa!

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