Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

For the “Super Blood Moon” event I went with my friend Gary up on Dalles Mountain in hopes of seeing more of the moon coming over the horizon. In hindsite, I am not certain that was quite the case, but it was still a lovely night. Many people were out on the roads last night flocking to favorite locations in hopes of getting “the shot” or seeing what may for some of us be a once in a lifetime experience.
Having watched several lunar eclipses over the years, still it was really different seeing the moon become eclipsed as it was rising over distant hills as the sun set and twilight came on.
Here are a few images, each with its own time stamp. Hope you enjoy!











5 thoughts on “Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

  1. Jewels says:

    Stunning images!


  2. So many amazing shots! I watched (periodically) from the walkway out in front of my little house in SE Portland. And then was quadrupally grateful when the clear silver white moonlight blanketed my bed around midnight.


  3. John Ligon says:

    Your supermoon eclipse group is fabulous!! I watched the eclipse from Magnuson park on the west shore of Lake Washington.
    Are you working on the 2016 Calendars…?


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