Glenwood Aurora

While the majority of my aurora shots have been from Trout Lake side of Mount Adams, I found this series of shots in my archives that had been forgotten, from Glenwood, WA.  June 1, 2013  Mount Adams still features strongly.  The first two shots were of something I have not experienced any other time; and were taken at the tail end of the phenomena.  As I was driving through the Trout Lake Valley via Sunnyside road, I could see what seemed like a long white thin cloud, spinning out from north horizon to halfway across the sky going south.  I had a feeling about this “cloud” but was in a hurry to get to a good place to shoot the full northern horizon I kept driving… then I noticed the strip of brightness was growing smaller back the way it came just as fast.  Finally I stopped and grabbed a quick couple shots.  I then realized this was an aurora streamer that was highly unusual this far south (Southern Washington State).

Driving on up to Glenwood, I took a series of shots from right by the TL-Glenwood road, then, thinking I really wanted that lake composition I hurried back down to Trout Lake 15 miles away and set up for the rest of the night.  There are 4 images at the end of this post from that lake.

These four images are taken at Trout Lake awhile after the first batch above.  The last one is about 15 minute exposure.


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  1. smilecalm says:

    wonderfully colorful impression
    of the northwest skies 🙂


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