June Sunset in the Gorge

Recently I was treated to an amazing sunset over the Columbia River Gorge in White Salmon, Washington.  I drove to the top of a hill, met some new friends, and fell in love all over again with clouds and wind in my hair on a hill top as day deepened into twilight.  Do you know that feeling?  If not, find yourself out there somewhere, by a river, on a hilltop, in a desert.  Watch past the sunset, watch for the fading light, the appearance of first planets and stars… and just breathe it all in with Gratitude.

For anyone who misses my more regular posts, I have no internet at home and it has been challenging to get somewhere with everything to post, when I do pop on internet, I have so many things to catch up on I get very little done!

Anyone want to help with that? I have a Tip Jar, a donate button on my wordpress website here, on the right sidebar down aways. Working my way back into the world again slowly, it has been a slow process this year, and have not been able to really work much lately. Things are looking up however! I will be an intern this summer at the museum in Bingen on weekends… you should pop in there and check out the displays, make a small donation to the museum, or even become a member for $20 a year for individuals!


4 thoughts on “June Sunset in the Gorge

  1. Nice to see your wonderful photos of the gorge and Mt Hood, again!

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  2. peteartheart says:

    Glad to see you coming out of your shell, posting again, and finding joy and beauty that has just been waiting for you to see it and share it. By the way, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding you on WordPress. What is your address there? Hopefully you will check out my WordPress blog and like it also; wordpress.petearheart.com

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    • hmmm, you made this comment on my wordpress blog, Pete! I will come check yours out too! I have lost my starlisa.net website address, and maybe my starlisa.com address also, lack of payment does that, sigh…. this one can be found at starlisablackphotography.com


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