I Got Internet!!!

Since February 2016 I have not had internet at home, and therefore have not been as active online with photo sharing and social media, today I celebrate RECONNECTION!  Funny that it means so much, at times I feel like disconnecting was a great thing.  Perhaps I told myself that because “It is what it is” and no point fussing or feeling bad.  However here and now today I feel a thrill to be connected again and want to share some random photos just for fun… hope you enjoy!  I think a Rainbow theme is appropriate for today.



5 thoughts on “I Got Internet!!!

  1. So glad you are reconnected to the world! Love those rainbow shots!

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  2. nauvoomissionary says:

    Things are looking good there. Your brother and wife are sleeping on our couch this morning. So there! Thanks for sharing and have a great day with lots of fun shots. Love ya.


  3. peteartheart says:

    Welcome back Darlisa! I believe it was totally appropriate for you and your journey for you to be without Internet for a while. I know there’s a part of you that truly loves and needs your space and your peace and your quiet and you got that for a while. And now it’s time for you to once again be out here sharing your beauty, your gifts, your talents, your insights, and your wisdom with all of us.

    In many ways this is true for me also. I’ve needed this time away for my own healing work, and now it is time for me to adapt to be one winged for a while and thank goodness for Dragon speak so I can again communicate with others electronically. I hope you have some of my photography ready for sharing soon and look forward to getting out there again soon to take even more.

    Much love to you and welcome back.


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