Fossilized Teeth, unknown

I am working at a local museum now, the Gorge Heritage Museum in Bingen, Washington. Today I had a local visitor and his mother who brought 3 fossilized teeth in to show me.  They are hoping to identify what the teeth may be.  I am guessing Bovine style from the looks, but presumably much older than cows.  They are also quite large.  Fascinating!   I really enjoyed looking at them and holding their heavy smooth weight in my hands.  Here are photos in case anyone has a lead for me!



7 thoughts on “Fossilized Teeth, unknown

  1. Getting feedback that these are Equid teeth, not bovine as I had thought. Horse!


  2. Eric Olsen says:

    These appear to be very old and yet maybe from a Juvenile Mammoth.

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  3. bonnybuckley says:

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I am definitely putting the Gorge Heritage Museum on our road trip. Maybe we can actually meet you in a few weeks! I would be so honored. 🙂 Have a nice day. 🙂

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  4. Michelle says:

    I have three also, they have agate on them

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