Compassion for “Mormon and Gays”

This is a very emotionally charged subject for so many people. I have many well loved friends and family who are gay or lesbian, openly or in the closet so to speak. I also have many friends and maybe some family who are very close minded on the subject and feel very strongly against it. This has caused so much heartbreak and division for so many that I know. I grew up in the LDS church (The original one by the way, based in Salt Lake, not one of the reformed versions of the LDS Church). During a lot of adventurous crazy years of my life I left the church behind and explored many versions of spirituality. Back in 2000, after a great deal of heartbreak, I moved back home to help my mother and came back to the church. I found it comforting again. That rekindled faith was given a blow last year when the church announced its new policy regarding children of gay couples. I felt so divided. I had family on both sides of this issue hammering in my ear and splitting me into little shards in my mind. It broke my heart. I just always want people to love one another and get along and I get so stressed when they don’t. I never have been able to handle people arguing and fighting around me. Over the last year I have found more peace and feel comforted by the teachings from the Scriptures. I also feel comforted by the peace and beauty in nature. To me standing under the Aurora for example is a spiritual experience.  I am filled with Awe and Gratefulness at such times.  

  I’ve seldom publicly defined myself as specifically a Christian, or for that matter a pagan, a Buddhist, a Sufi, or Native American church member. And yet I’ve been a part of all of those at different points in my life and have learned so much along the way. These Faiths are all a part of who I am. I simply love people and I love spirit. I have felt loved ones leave their body behind with the rush of joy at the end of lives both short and long. I have seen them later, in far too brief visits from the spirit world, sharing that joy with me. I feel the spirit within nature around me, in every living thing including the oceans, rocks and mountains. 
     So what, do you ask, does this all have to do with gays and lesbians? I myself find it interesting that I wandered this way from that subject. 

This all started with a link I wanted to share from CNN regarding a website the Mormon church has developed called “Mormon and gay”. 

I see it as a baby step in a positive direction allowing the beginning of communication and shared stories on the subject that have been so painful for so many.  There are no easy fixes or quick answers, and hearing the stories from people’s experiences can teach us a lot about how we interact. This all comes back around to seeing the beauty in others, and loving one another from the heart and the way that Christ and Buddha and others have loved others. Agape. The love a parent has for a child, the love that is not tied by bonds of need or sexuality. Pure Compassion, with no judgment. None of us has room to judge another.   We do not know the steps another person walks unless we walk in those footprints ourselves. 

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  1. Well said!

    On Oct 27, 2016 2:13 PM, “Starlisa Black Photography” wrote:

    > Starlisa Black Photography posted: “This is a very emotionally charged > subject for so many people. I have many well loved friends and family who > are gay or lesbian, openly or in the closet so to speak. I also have many > friends and maybe some family who are very close minded on the subject a” >

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  2. I feel your past struggles and your coming to peace with your own form of spirituality–so in line with Jesus, the Buddha, Martin Luther King, and many of our current “new thought” teachers—that we are here to, as Jesus taught as his only “COMMANDMENTS”; “To love God, and to love your neighbors (which I rake to include the rocks, trees, rivers, creators, and all of life) as we (learn to) love ourselves.” (afterall we and they are all one, and in truth we are all condensed forms of the one universal energy some call God.)

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    1. All of that is definitely an aspect of what I see but only a part of the whole. I personally honestly believe that we were born first in spirit of the heavenly father and a heavenly mother. The body clothed the spirit, and I believe we don’t just go back to spirit but retain our individual Natures in The afterlife, becoming a fusion of spirit and body that becomes eternal. I think we just start vibrating so fast energetically that we can no longer hold form in this physical world. My two that’s worth 🙂 I know there are so many different interpretations and it’ll be fascinating getting to know the truth someday on our final adventure ( rather our next adventure).


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