Willow Puts his best foot forward

Recently I shared a story of my cat Willow who had disappeared for a month in the Alaskan Bush. I wish he could tell me the stories of everything he went through. I’m sure some of it was very traumatic because he panics in small spaces.  Nevertheless he’s eating large amounts and getting those bones covered with a layer of flesh again. I appreciate the help various people gave me on his behalf so he could see the vet.  He says thank you.  

Awww i love you too!

Mom will you quit bugging me with that camera?


2 thoughts on “Willow Puts his best foot forward

  1. Poor Willow went through a traumatic experience for a domestic cat. You are lucky to have him back. I know of a woman who took her cat with her during a stint working in a resort out near a national park. The cat went missing and she never found him. In hindsight, do you wish you had left him with someone back home during your Alaska stay? Particularly since Willow doesn’t seem to like flying very much (but who does, nowadays?)

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